Jodie LeNormand
Psychic, Clairvoyant, Palmist & Tarot Reader
FortWilliam, The Highlands, Scotland UK

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My Name is Jodie LeNormand

I am a Medium, Palmist and Tarot Reader and I live in Fort William, The Highlands of Scotland, UK

I have been a practising Medium for at least 16 Years, although I can safely say that I always felt a bit different since I can Remember! Ha Ha

I am able to Communicate with Spirit in many ways. I can See Spirit, as I see a human and also in my minds eye. I can feel spirit in the sense that they can make me literally feel the illness or ailment that they have passed with or what was significant in their life (this is important as this provides evidence for the sitter). I can Hear spirit, either as I can hear regular sounds and speech, and also telepathically. I can smell things that Spirit communication gives e. g. a perfume. Sometimes Spirit give this as further evidence. And even sometimes I can taste what spirit are describing, for example, a delicious Home made apple pie, sometimes this happens if a relative of the sitters was always baking.
Mlle Marie-Anne Adelaide LeNormand is an Ancestor of mine from my Fathers side of the family, so I guess this spooky stuff runs in the family!
When I was a small child maybe 8/9 years old I was pretty obsessed with reading peoples palms, and always seemed to know things about people, and this was years before I became aware of spirit! Must of been Psychic eh!
When I was 17 my boyfriend at the time brought me my first deck of cards. They were the LeNormand deck and for him I did my very first reading. Everything came true, much to our surprize! 
And on my journey of self discovery......When I was 18, I met a incredibly significant person of which I must thank, and I haven't seen for years. She explained to me in 1998 that Ghosts really do exist, and that it wasn't all fantasy. She introduced me to Spiritualism. And from that point, I have been able to see, hear, smell, touch taste spirit communication. And for that I am eternally gratefull.
So, Tanya Jane King, where the Devil are you?
All I can say is, Spirit had been with me the whole time and were waiting for me to meet Tanya so that she could explain the rest. So thank you Tanya for confirming that I'm not completely bonkers, and thank you for showing me the way.
And people, when things are going wrong it's easy to look at others and blame them. It's much more difficult to look at ourselves and see what our part in it all is. No matter how flat you make a pancake, there are always two sides. And remember to say sorry when your wrong, it's never too late. Be true to yourself and be kind to others.

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